10 Steps to Downsizing

10 Steps to an Easy and Organized Downsize

Determine a date to finish downsizing…make it within 2 months
       at the latest or you will keep procrastinating.

Tell all family members to pick up their treasures two weeks
       before the deadline (if as an example 2 months is your deadline)
Decide who will help with downsizing (if family, make sure they
       commit to a date within your deadline to fully downsize your

If an outside service is going to take away the items, make sure
       you schedule a date within your deadline and after family has
       removed their items.

Purchase plastic containers to store all items left (plastic is a
       good material as it will protect items under moist or damp

On the day of your downsizing (done by outside company or
       family) have two tables set up in your garage.

Have the people helping you downsize bring the items to your
       garage and place on one table, then as they go back for the next
       items select which items go in the donation area, then throw
       away area or save table. The items you save immediately go into
       a plastic container with a cover and label that container. There
       should be someone helping you with lifting to the selected areas
       and stacking the saved plastic containers.

All papers that need to be examined go into plastic containers
       for future selection of what to keep or throw way…This can be
       done over time even after you move.

Have the family or hauling company take away all items to the
       dump or to where they are being donated.

Take the saved containers back to wherever your items will be

        * Courtesy of Bruce Nemovitz

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